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Plein Air Hazards No 84b....

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

...Rotor Wash.

Idyllic afternoon, 5 miles from home, 2 miles from the road, at a footbridge crossing the slowest flowing river in Scotland (the Ythan). Only one pair of walkers has come by in an hour and I'm contentedly failing to paint a view that isn't there (there is a castle ruin on the end of the ridge, but it's completely hidden by foliage in summer). My approach to the greenery hasn't worked this time so I'm all but done when I hear...

and have to grab my belongings as the downdraught scatters the surroundings.

That's a 1Tonne bag by the looks of it - they're firefighting and this must be the closest refill point. I'm taking cover from the spray behind the footbridge now!

The helo made multiple trips at 5 minute intervals and I could see smoke rising from the next valley. Here's hoping it's nothing too serious.

... so I updated my painting.

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